Make smartphone usage easier and comfortable.

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UpdatedAug 06, 2018 (2 years ago)
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This application is designed to work exclusively with the QLYX mount.

QLYX is a smart magnetic holder for smartphones with:
- Clever and adaptive software;
- Bluetooth Low Energy beacon;
- Stylish and customizable design of mount and elegant non-scratching plate;
- Powerful magnet, which works through any case and safe for all mobile devices;
- Analysis of driving statistics and patterns;

QLYX was constructed to:
Make smartphone usage more easy and comfortable.
QLYX automatically launches applications (e.g. navigation, streaming services, parking place memory) and scenarios (e.g. navigate home and launch smooth jazz if it is Friday evening). QLYX phone holder will be helpful both in car, at home, and at workplace.

Make smartphone usage during car driving more safe.
It is dangerous to look away from the road for more than 2 seconds, which is usually happens when drivers look for their smartphone. With QLYX smartphone is in the driver's field of vision all the time.

Look exquisitely, stylishly, elegantly.
Already existing products on the market look cheap and are limited in colors. While QLYX is ergonomic and stylish holder with customization of colors and even engraving. Moreover, there are options to order QLYX with golden, aluminum, lather or other luxury frame.

A few words concerning battery consumption:
QLYX connects to the phone via Bluetooth Low Energy technology with minimal effect on the phone’s battery. The application itself consumes not mush as well, but it requires access to GPS location. GPS-modules installed on the smartphones differs from one phone model to other: old phone models have less energy effective modules and less battery capacity, while new smartphones are totally fine with turned on GPS 24 hours a day.

Email: info@qlyx.me

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