Qr code scanner and whats web APK

QR Code and Barcode reader is a tool to scan qrcode for any link or text.

Version3.0.1 (5)
UpdatedDec 01, 2018 (2 years ago)
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QBcode scanner for qr code and bar code scan.
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Whats scan whatswaps
QR & Barcode scanner is used to decoding of bar code and Qrcode, this is fastest Qr Code or barcode scanner.
Qr code reader is has an interactive user interface, with following feature.
QR Scanner is one of the best and fastest QR code reader / bar code creator app. This can qrcode detector app will automatically scans and identifies the information of QR code or bar code.

Features in QB code scanner and generator:
- qbcode scanner can decode qr code.
- qb code scanner can decode barcode.
- qr & barcode scanner can generate qr code for any text, url, phone number, email id, location, ISBN, product.
- qr reader & generator can be used to scan coupon code / coupon code.
- bar code scanner / qb code reader is a lightning Qrcode scanner works very smoothly.
- Qb code scanner app / is used for US English as well as UK English to code and decode.
- qrcode reader / qr reader is high speed scanning tool.
- qrcode scanner for school books .
- qr code scanner for android .
- qrcode creater / qr code generator is also saves scanned history .
- barcode generate app can used to explore some given link.
- barcode scan can share generate qr code to email, social media, google drive, gallery.
- bar code scanner for android is used has zoom in and zoom out facility.
- QBcode scanner / QBcode reader will let you scan in darkness i.e. flash can be used to scan when there is no light.

Additional Features in this smart scan android application :
- QBcode reader is a smart scan application it automatically detects the qr code when you put in fron of camera without pressing any additional button.
- this smart application will automatically redirect you to scanned text or link.
- qrcode reader-Barcode scanner and qrcode scanner can help you to explore links and share generated qr code.

* Easy to use -
QR reader application is easy to use. first you have to install this Barcode scanner application then there are two buttons having label in english
scan and generate. where you can easily scan any number of qrcodes and barcodes. Even your history is also saved that what you have scanned some last

* Share with friends -
Barcode creator can easily be shared with friend so they can also use this amazing application.

* Record History -
In Bar code reader application you can save the history that what you are currently scanning .

* Messaging in coding -
If you want to send a confidential message to your friend than you can use this Barcode scanner / qrcode reader / qrcode generator app.

* QR code generator -
Qrcode generator application has this feature also that you can generate custom qr code and share it on gmail and other all messengers.

* Browse the website -
Qr & Barcode scanner app can scan website qrcode and redirect you to given decoded link

Disclaimer : This application is developed by beta play.

Email: nvnverma018@gmail.com

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