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May 31, 2021

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QR Code Scanner APP

QR Code Scanner / qr code reader is the fastest qr barcode scanner / qr code reader for android smartphone users. It is a free and simple QR code reader app on your device.

QR code Scanner & barcode scanner - You can decode text,URLs,ISBN,email,contacts information,calendar events and so on.You can also scan image files and online code with QR barcode Scanner.

How QR Code scanner / Qr Code Reader app works?

- To scan a QR code scanner or barcode, you can align the native camera of your device to code,then barcode scanner / QR code reader will automatically detect and scan it quickly.

- QR Scanner / barcode will automatically recognise any qrcode that your camera is pointing at. There is no need to take a photo or press a button.

More features of QR Code Scanner/Barcode reader:

1. Fully secure and fast.
2. Easily scan QR barcode/QR code through camera.
3. It is totally free, enjoy the unlimited Scanning here
4. Flashlight must be the most amazing part of this APP
5. Preserve your battery life while operating
6. Minimalistic design with a simple and easy-to-use interface
7. Scan product barcodes with QR & Barcode Scanner in shops and compare prices with online prices to save money.

QR Code scanner free download application for android smartphone & tablet users and enjoy secure unlimited Scanning...!!!
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