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AppsQR Player Free: Play media/Scan QR to play APK
DeveloperNguyen Bao Ngoc
Version2.1.0 (210)
UpdatedOct 27, 2019 (5 months ago)
Release dateApr 24, 2019 (11 months ago)

Special Player: create QR code to link with audio file. Scan code to play.

QR Player helps you to play all audio files you have in your library with all the necessary functions of a player like creating playlists, repeating, shuffling, etc.
In addition, QR Player has a greatly useful function of creating QR code and linking it with an audio file. This function helps reading any books/documents you have in your library as long as you have audio files. To use this very special function, you just follow the bellowing simply steps.
1. Copy all audio files of your books to your phone at any location you like. To use Scan QR function, it is mandatory to add number to the beginning of the file names. For example: File name “ABC.mp3” changes to “001 ABC.mp3”. However, there should not be many file names that start with the same number. In that case, QR player can choose only 1 file to play, so maybe, you could not listen to the audio file you are expecting.
2. Each QR code corresponds to the number at the beginning of the file name. For example, "001 ABC.mp3" file corresponds to QR code "1"; "1024 XYZ" file corresponds to QR code "1024"
3. For your convenience, I have created 3000 QR codes in the link below. Just download it and print all those you want and glue them on your books.
Or you can create the QR codes by ‘Create QR’ function in the app. All the QR code created are saved in your phone. Then you can print all the QR codes you want.
4. Now you can use ‘Scan QR’ function to scan the QR code on your book. And boom, the audio file is played.
Enjoy it and have fun. Thank you for using my app.

QR Player Free: Play media/Scan QR to play APK