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1.2.25 · Apr 27, 2021

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Latest Version

Version1.2.25 (10225)
UpdatedApr 27, 2021
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QR Scanner , Smart Scan & QR Code Scanner App app

One of the Fast QR Scanner and Barcode Scanner app, easily scan QR from image

☆Amazing Function☆
👍QR code scanner and bar code scanner are free for Android's best and fastest QR code / bar code creators and scanner applications. Using the phone's camera, the program automatically scans and recognizes information about QR codes or barcodes. All major bar code and QR code formats are supported.

☆Need less permission☆
👍This QR code scanner / QR scanner / Barcode scanner / QR code reader app free is granted with camera permission only . If you are very concerned about personal privacy , this is right free QR code scanner / QR scanner / Barcode scanner / QR code reader app you need. It is safe and fully compatible with Android 4.x or above.

☆Support multiple type☆
👍Barcode scanner is widely used to decode QR code & bar code types such as ISBN, EAN, UPC , data matrix and others.
👍QR code reader with Zoom feature , easy to decode small or far away QR code.
👍QR Scanner can read the contact from qr code, and add it to your contact books.
👍QR scanner can read the url from qr code, and open the website quickly.
👍QR scanner can read the message from qr code, and send to your friends.
👍QR scanner can read the geo from qr code, and open the geo through map app.
👍QR scanner can read the email from qr code, and send email to quickly.

☆Convenient shopping☆
👍If you are concerned about safety , this Lighting QR code scanner /Barcode scanner is the only one QR code reader you needed. not only simple , but also free.
👍When you are shopping, you can scan the QR code or bar code to see the details of the product.
👍When you have finished shopping, you can quickly jump to the payment page by scanning the QR code or bar code.
👍No matter where you shopping, using QR code scanning when paying payment is a convenient option.
👍Using QR codes to payment can reduce the amount of time you spend shopping.
👍Scan QR code for payment when you online shopping.
👍View the book's details by scanning the book's QR code or bar code.

☆Easy link to wifi☆
👍Scan QR code for connecting Wifi as wifi scanner.
👍Wifi Scanner can help you connect wifi quickly thought the qr code.
👍The ealily way to use wifi scanner to connect wifi quickly.
👍Use wifi scanner to connect wifi without inputting ssid and password.
👍Wifi scanner can automaticly input ssid and password of wifi.
👍You can share ssid and password of wifi through wifi scanner to your friends.

☆Key Features of QR Scanner☆
👍Scanning speed is fast.
👍QR code reader.
👍QR code scanner.
👍Code sweeper.
👍Support low light environment flashlight.
👍Scanning history preservation.
👍Simple and easy to use.
👍Scan bar code or qr code from image.
👍Scan Qr code for Shopping

☆Support for multiple types of QR codes☆
👍It can read all types of text, URL, product, contact information, ISBN, calendar, email, location, wireless network and many other formats.
👍After scanning and automatic decoding, the user is provided with only individual type-related options and can take appropriate action.
👍QR code and bar code scanner is the best QR code scanner / QR scan / QR reader / bar code scanner gun / bar code reader!
👍Free bar code scanning application!
👍Barcode scanner / QR code reader / QR code scanner app free for Android design for scan.
👍QRcode/flashcode for smartphone and tablet.
👍Supported code type : Barcode , QRcode , flashcode.

Email: hauyu.way@outlook.com

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