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The world’s only no smoking app based on brain science!<br><br>Mild Version.

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Real Quit Smoking, NeverSmoking Mild Version!

* Two Versions of NeverSmoking!

- Mild Version
NeverSmoking Mild is focused on changing facial expressions to change and remove emotional information about nicotine in the brain.
With mild contents, it is available without burden.

- Powerful Version
NeverSmoking Powerful consisted of more powerful contents to remove emotional information of nicotine in the brain.
It is effective, but it could be little uncomfortable to the beginner of NeverSmoking.


The world’s first, patented – The world’s only no anti-smoking therapy mobile application based on brain science!

Just simply follow what you see and quit smoking for good! – Within 30 days only, you will be surprised how easy quitting smoking can be.

NeverSmoking is an anti-smoking therapeutic program that has been developed by the SR Mind Institute through 6 years of research on 1,000 clinical trials on cognitive method of stop smoking. (It is not a simple smoking management App.)

NeverSmoking enables you to quit smoking permanently by removing the fundamental smoking-neuron which is an emotional information attracting thoughts of cigarette.

NeverSmoking enables a powerful quitting smoking effect through activation of the mirror neurons through the innate facial recognition system of the brain, emotional priming through facial feedback and thoracic respiration. It is a safe yet a powerful therapy to quit smoking.

NeverSmoking removes the false reward system created by nicotine in the smoker’s brain and replaces it with a new synaptic connection

NeverSmoking enables the smoker to gain an accurate understanding of one’s addiction so that they can intelligently and systematically manage the smoking desires in order to make thoughts of tobacco to never recur and quit smoking permanently in a short period of time(usually within a month).

NeverSmoking is composed of 200 expressions and 21 topics and it runs based on automatic analysis of the smoker’s dispositions, patterns and terms of smoking and their sensorial characteristics.

It is designed so that the user can quit smoking by merely mimicking the contents on the screen.

NeverSmoking app is based on years of data and expert know-hows on smoking cessation.

With NeverSmoking, you will be able to quit smoking for good in the most healthy and fundamental way and you will never crave smoking.

* How to Use the Program
1. Follow and copy the facial expressions in each stage and make sure you concentrate on the images and the messages provided.
2. NeverSmoking relies on the natural and instinctual function of the human brain, which is facial expression recognition, to activates the mirror neurons. Thus, we encourage you to play the program in a place where there is minimum distraction to the visual images and where it is not too loud. (The program itself does not have any sound effect in order to help the user concentrate on the visual expressions.)

Note: This application was especially designed for smoking cessation therapy. The application contains unpleasant images related to smoking cessation.

* NeverSmoking may be ineffective to the following people.

Those who have no intention of quitting smoking, those who have prosopagnosia, those who are psychologically instable (ex. Suicidal etc.), those who are doubtful, those who have psychological disorder or have difficulty concentrating on the screen etc.

* NeverSmoking - Patent / Trademark / Service mark application

Addiction Therapy Using Disgusted Facial Expression and Cause Disgusting.

The management, use, name etc. of this program is under the protection of patent law, trademark law, copyright law.

Please refer to the website http://www.NeverAddict.com or contact serangmind@gmail.com for questions regarding the program,

Copyright (c) 2009~2016 NeverSmoking - SR Mind Institute / NeverAddict.com, All Rights Reserved.

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