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Do you know Mohammad (PBUH)? is a quiz game showing a short and brief information about the prophet of Islam Mohammad (PBUH) in a multiple choice quiz.

In Do you know Mohammad (PBUH)? each question has four choices and only one to be selected as a correct answer.

Test your knowledge about the holy prophet and compete with your friends to score higher and higher.

The app contains biography of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in quiz format to test your knowledge and gain new knowledge about the prophet (PBUH) during this Ramadan month.

Features of the app:

* App is free to download and use.
* Biography of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in English language in a fun way.
* User-friendly design to understand easily.
* You can share the result info to social Media.
* You can use the app offline.
* You can pass your time in this holy month of Ramadan playing this quiz and gaining knowledge about the prophet محمد and rewards from Allah SWT.
اعرف نبیک محمد صلی الله علیه و سلم
بیوگرافی پیامبر اسلام به شکل بازی

What's New

Some questions have been added and some others were replaced.
Bugs fixed.

Email: afzalzada1@gmail.com

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