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Quiz Crazy ? How much crazy are you ?

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Crazy? Insane? Completely bonkers? Are you one of these, or are you completely sane? Find out with this quiz!
Have you ever eaten glue? Do you ever talk to bugs? What are tricycles for?
There's a big gap between boringly sane and all-out madness. Where do you fall on that spectrum? Answer a few normal and a few very strange questions to find out!
Ever had someone call you crazy? Ever think you might be, yourself? You'd be crazy not to take this test and find out for sure!
What Percent Crazy Are You?
Let's face it, we've all done something crazy in our lives.
Let’s be real, we are all a little crazy. Even if you personally do not think that you are, odds are you have done something that isn’t completely rational. Like, for example, maybe it isn’t completely rational to track your significant other’s every move on Find My Friends. However, craziness is a spectrum. Take this quiz to find out where you fall!

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