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Quran Maher Al Mueaqly 114 MP3 OFFLINE APK

Now Read Quran free offline with amazing app....!!! Try this!

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UpdatedSep 29, 2018 (3 years ago)
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Now Read Quran free offline with amazing app....!!!
This app contains Full Quran offline to read for you with many features.
No need of internet or wifi to read quran
Always open without requirement of internet

Holy Quran to read online and offline very much interesting app for you to read quran.
Read Quran 16 lines offline, 16 lines offline quran - Quran for Hifz 16 line - Taj company quran

- Best 16 lines Quran
- Translation of Quran in English for understanding the meaning of the Al-Quran.
- Small size
- Al Quran MP3 - Quran Reading
- 16 line Quran
- HOLY QURAN - القرآن الكريم
- Read Quran
- Taj Company Quran 16 line
- Holy Quran (16 lines per page)
- Quran with Urdu Translation
- Al Quran Arabic
- Holy Quran (HD)
- Holy Quran with Tafsir
- Alquran (Full 30 Juz)
- Holy Quran
- 16 lines Taj company quran
- Read Quran
- 15 lines quran
- Read and Learn Quran
- Free Quran Tilawat
- Holy Quran (read)
- Read Quran 16 lines
- Quran for Hafiz 16 lines
- Quran Voices MP3
- Al Quran MP3 Player القرآن‎
- offline no need internet
- Juza Amm'a
- 16 lines Hafizi Quran
- Hafzi Quran 16 lines
- Quran Karim - the Koran - the whole Quran
- Offline Quran availability anytime anywhere
- Flexible and Responsive UI
- Work online and offline
- Use “Go to” option to find a specific ayah.
- Search for Surah using search bar.
- Read full Quran on your smartphone anytime
- All 114 Surahs of Quran are in order.
- Transliteration of Quran to help you get hold of the pronunciation of words.
- Go to any surah
- Go to any ayah
- 3 different Arabic fonts to choose from.
- Select to display translation and transliteration.
- Quran is divided into parts.
- Go to any page.
- Great User Experience
Fitur yang anda dapat dalam aplikasi ini :
- alquran full 30 juz offline
- 100% Offline, tidak butuh koneksi internet
- next otomatis
- Tampilan minimalis, simple, sederhana, dan mudah di gunakan
- lengkap mulai al-fatihah sampai an-nas
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