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Quran Majeed with Islamic Calendar.

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UpdatedMar 31, 2019 (2 years ago)
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Quran Majeed has standard format of complete surah per page and feature of multi language translation. Quran Majeed is specially designed for all muslims of the world, Hafiz-e-Quran, Muslims who completely memorise Quran in madrasa, school or other religious institution. 

Enhance your recitation and spiritual experience with the real feel of actual printed Quran Majeed with multiple language translations anytime anywhere. Quran Majeed has a elegant style, smooth Nastaliq font and different modes for better readability. 

Now it comes with bundle of new customisation options for giving your eyes extreme comfort while reading. 

Easy Navigation
Open any Juz or Surah directly from index. It has all 30 chapters and 114 surahs, long tap to view information about it.

Font Colors
You can change font colour of pages, whichever you like from given five font colours. It is also really helpful for people with colour-blindness problem. Also you can change fonts size for better reading.

Translation Languages
You can change translation language from Quraan Majeed setting, and it is helpful for those people who can not read Arabic.

Highlighted Verses
Sajdah ayaat are highlighted with green colour. Starting of each Juz is prominent by first line with black background. 

Other Features
- Screen will not turn-off while you are reading
- Islamic Calendar is integrated in Quraan Majeed.
- Double tap back button to exit the application
- Page reflection will show mirror image of page being turned on its back, it can be turned on from settings
- Explore more options in the side menu

Compact Size
This is only a single file download, just install and enjoy the app. Most of the applications require 100MB to 500MB external data download after installation, but this app doesn’t need any external data. 

Easy Sharing
Be a part in spreading the Holy Book of Allah and help others to gather its blessings. Share it with friends and family via Sms, Email, Bluetooth, Facebook, WhatsApp and other sharing options. 

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Don’t forget to remember us in your kind prayers.

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