🍗Real-time multiplayer battle royale game, original jedi survival


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Jun 4, 2021

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Rabi Battle Royale:2D Cartoon Survival Warriors GAME

Rabi Battle Royale🍗2D Cartoon Survival Warriors, is a real-time multiplayer battle royale and original jedi survival game.
All Rabi Battle Royal players can collect supplies, destroy your opponents, fight on the same map with players around the world, and have real chicken gameplay!
Super simple controls, a fun and quirky art style and pick-up-and-play gameplay make Rabi Battle Royale the best free game on mobile that you won’t want to put down.
New Features:
🍗2D scenes! Original Jedi survival gameplay
The original chicken gameplay, through the ultra-casual screen show, quickly complete each game battle!

🍗Classic gun weapons, creative outfits& props
The game includes classic weapons such as UZI, P90, S12K, AK, M16, M4, SKS, 98K, etc., and rich dressing and weapon skins to make you eye-catching in the battlefield!

🍗Friends team up, joyful hacking!
2D cute graphics, support voice and expressions, simple operation, easier to get started, invite friends to eat chicken together with joy!

🍗King Tournament, fighting for the global champion
Join the in-game King Tournament for free and see who is the real King of Jedi survival!
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