RAD Calc - Relative Air Density Calculator APK

App to calculate Relative Air Density for engine tuning at the race track

Version2.3 (23)
UpdatedJun 05, 2019 (1 year ago)
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Relative Air Density (RAD) is a measure of how much Air is available to be mixed with Fuel and burnt to make the most power.

Too much Air and the mixture is Lean, Too little ait and the mixture is Rich.

Too Rich and the engine runs sluggish, too Lean and possible engine damage awaits.

By being able to compare RAD from one day to another, a Race Engine Tuner can make the necessary adjustments to adapt their tune to a known good setting.

RAD Calc enables you to measure the Air Density and your Jetting then save it for future reference. At a later date, the current Air Density can be compared to a stored setup and suggested Jetting changes considered.

RAD Calc is a Tool to help in your jetting decisions, it still takes some common sense and an understanding of Race Engine Tuning.

What's New

Fixed an issue with overwriting and storing Actual Jet Sizes.
Enter Temp, Pressure, Humidity and Calculate RAD
Save Settings with Jet Size
Compare current with Saved settings and suggest new Jet Size
Version 2.0 of RAD Calc TRIAL adds PilotJet Calculation and recording of Needle settings for future reference.

Email: kev.hartin@gmail.com

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