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+270 Finland FM stations, AM Online for free .. !! easy to use and fast

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This application of Finland stations is one of the best applications listen to online radio , Easy and fast so you can find all the radio in your country live. We have one of the most complete lists of Finland stations and we are totally sure that you will find the Finland stations you are looking for! Try it now, it's totally free!

It is easy to use and very fast, it will not consume as much battery as other applications and you will really enjoy it while listening to Finlandia radio. If you liked the application calificanos With good classification to reach more people so we can continue improving and maintaining the application so that every day you receive a better service. Thank you.
If you want us to add a particular radio for you, write to EcApps@outlook.es , we will be happy to help you.


- The main screen of home or house to search for the station that is currently playing among other things.
- Stations here you can see all the stations and the one you send to add.
- Genres on this screen you can see the stations by genres.
- The configuration screen the settings of the application.
- In this app you will find the best stations and you can listen and share on Facebook or Google+ of the entire network. Share and make them also enjoy these stations that we upload daily. This app collects Emisoras published on the web. However, if you find an Issuer that is your property and that by mistake is in our App, then do not hesitate to contact us at this email: EcApps@outlook.es, which will immediately remove it from our database.
- The Report Screen for if the station does not sound to notify us.
- The favorites screen to add the stations you like.
- Now you can Search the stations by name.
- Added a screen where you can add stations manually.
- We also added a screen where you can record the sound of the station you listen to.
- Among many more.

- Be FM 88.8 FM
- Radio YleX 91.9 FM
- Yle Radio Suomi 94.0 FM
- Yle Puhe 103.7 FM
- Yle X3M 98.9 FM
- Yle Radio 1 87.9 FM
- Yle Radio Vega 101.1 FM
- Steel FM 95.9 FM
- Radio Patmos 105.8 FM
- Ålands Radio 91.3 FM
- YLE Sami Radio 101.9 FM
- Radio Moreeni 98.4 FM
- Rondo Classic Klasu
- Finest FM 107.4 FM
- Rondo Classic Klasu Pro
- Radio Sandels 106.3 FM
- Leijonaradio 95.6 FM
- Radio Musa 100.5 FM
- Yle Radio 1 87.9 FM Helsinki
- Radio Santa Claus
- Yle Puhe 103.7 FM Helsinki
- Yle Klassinen
- Radio YleX 91.9 FM Helsinki
- Yle Radio Suomi 94.0 FM Helsinki
- Yle X3M 98.9 FM Helsinki
- YLE Kymenlaakson Radio 96.9 FM
- Rondo Classic Klasu Helsinki
- Rondo Classic Klasu Pro Helsinki
- YLE Tampereen Radio 99.9 FM
- Radio Moreeni 98.4 FM Tampere
- YleX 93.7 FM Tampere
- Radio Patmos 101.6 FM Tampere
- YLE Turun Radio 94.3 FM
- YleX 92.6 FM Turku
- Radio Patmos 93.8 FM Turku
- YLE Oulu Radio 97.3 FM
- Be FM 88.8 FM Oulu
- YleX 93.2 FM Oulu
- Yle Puhe 107.7 FM Oulu
- Yle Radio 1 90.4 FM Oulu
- YLE Lahden Radio 97.9 FM
- YleX 95.5 FM Lahti
- Yle Radio Vega 100.6 FM Lahti
- (among many more)

On the Genre Screen You can Search for Mix, Bachata, Urban Music, Jazz, Reggaeton, Rap, Heavy metal, Cumbia, Pop, Rock & Roll, Electronica, Dance, Merengue, Salsa, Christian.

* In order for this application to function, an internet connection is required.
* This application does not allow downloading music.

Download now Finland radio and enjoy all the radios in Finland for free!

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