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Feb 1, 2023

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Rainbow Survival Hide Online GAME

In Rainbow Survival Hide Online mobile game, you play for the imposter with your friends online. No more playtime. From the moment of your capture, you must survive playing for the imposter in the strange location that’s entirely empty of life except for you and the Rainbow Monster with friends.

Day 1: Find the Boxes
Day 2: Feed the Orange Monster
Day 3: Light the Rooms
Day 4: (coming soon)

🎮 HOW TO SURVIVE - Avoid the Rainbow Guy online

🔥 Blue Rainbow Monster
Blue Monster is the scariest monster in the rainbow games. He wanders around the map searching for you, indicated by his stomping and chuckling. He will chase down you that are not hidden inside a locker or a box.

🔥 Orange Rainbow Monster
You need to consistently feed Orange Monster to keep them from coming out to play. Fortunately, an orange line appears to show where Orange Monsters will walk when patrolling, so you can quickly hide if you see that they’re coming around soon.

🔥 Green Rainbow Monster
Green Monster is always on patrol, however, they’re also blind, so avoiding this beast is all about making as little noise as possible. Be sure not to make a single movement.

🔥 Purple Rainbow Monster
To avoid Purple Monster, you just need to make sure and watch the vents. If you don’t see eyes or hands creeping out, you can safely walk by it.

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