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These are the violations you can post a complaint on:
1) Not using seatbelt
2) Using wrong lane
3) Not wearing helmet on two wheeler
4) Violation of stop line at traffic junction
5) Blocking free left traffic by entering wrong lane
6) Parking improper obstructive parking or parking in no parking zone
7) Dangerous driving in B.R.T.S. Route
8) Using mobile phone while driving
9) Carrying passenger on drive seat of auto rickshaw
10) Fancy number plate
11) Dark glass
12) More than two passenger in two wheeler.

If you spot any of the aforementioned traffic violations taking place, click a picture of the vehicle along with the number plate, and post the violation on the application use of application is limited to Rajkot Traffic Police Use only soon it will be available traffic warrior with prior permission with Traffic Police.

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Rajkot Traffic Police 1.4

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