Choose things at random, simplify everyday decisions and randomize your life!

"Randomizer+ Random Pick Generator - Decision Maker" will help you make all kinds of difficult decisions.

- generate random numbers, letters, colors
- pick a random card(different decks available)
- pick a random country(now you know where to go on vacation :))
- roll the dice (many different types of dice to choose from - from D3 to D100!)
- make life choices with head or tails, yes or no and magic 8 ball functions
- draw from a list (you can create your own list and Randomizer! will choose one of the entries randomly)
- shuffle your list
- play rock paper scissors
- divide people into teams / create groups form a custom list
- generate random time or date (you can set a range)
- create secure passwords

You can use Randomizer+ for:
- drawing lots and picking winners
- picking lottery numbers
- finding a vacation destination
- dividing people into groups and creating teams
- board games
- RPG role play games
- picking deadlines for your projects and work
- quickly making simple everyday decisions
- picking colors for your art projects
- inviting a little randomness into your life and becoming more spontaneous

The app is completely free, there are no payments necessary. All functions are available straight away after download.
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What's New

- bug fixes
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