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Latest Version

NameRapid Fire APK
Version1.2.5 (16)
UpdatedJul 12, 2016
DeveloperArtem Yakovlev
CategoryGames, Arcade

Rapid Fire game

Favorite game of Siberian hunters

The world’s most realistic hunting simulator in Yakutia.

Explore the faraway Yakutia, the land of the hunters, in this fast-paced action-packed hunting shooter.
It is said that this game was created by the rough Siberian hunters in order to satisfy their hunter instincts without need to leave a comfy home. However other people say it was created so they can hunt virtual animals instead of killing real ones.

There are a third kind of people that say it was created by the military for training fighter pilots’ reaction skills.


- 9 unlockable districts of Yakutia.

- 1 advanced high tech hunting rifle.

- Old-school graphics without next-gen special effects.

+ 6 new levels
+ 4 new characters
+ Achievements added
+ new music
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