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《Forced Marriage with the Billionaire》
As the modern woman in the new century, Eva Gu was positive and diligent. Even her ex-boyfriend had cheated on her and showed up with his girlfriend, she didn’t care.
The arrogant billionaire Paul Bo was hard to get. It didn’t matter. She could force himself to have sex with her.
But what she didn't expect was that he would suddenly take action and pushed her under his body, even if this man was clearly drunk.
Forget it. She did not care whether she was a virgin or not. But why Paul, who was aloof, elegant and had no interest in women, suddenly showed up the next day and threw her lacy underwear on the table when she had a blind date with another man.

《God-like son-in-law》
Before entering into his wife’s family, he was a medical genius as the child of a famous family.
The wealth of his millennium family is invincible!
After marriage, he lives a useless life as a son-in-law and a family cook.
His martial arts are sealed and could only live carefully in the city.
Facing the rigid requirements of inheritance, he could only bear everything.
For five years, he is a good-for-nothing husband to the wife.
What’s more, he is even a waste in the eyes of outsiders, and was always talked about as a failure.
Five years later, he is an awakened dragon .
Do you say he is useless?
He can save your life with a single needle!
Do you say he is a jerk?
It never rains but it pours!
Returning from the dilemma, he will be a blockbuster!

《Genius baby》
"Hey, where are you going, this is not my way home, stop!" Luo Xi notices that the driving direction is wrong.
"You have called me husband, of course you have to go home with me." Huo Jinghan says naturally.
"I just assisted you, okay? I don’t want to call your husband at all..."
"Huh? Don't want to? You took my proposal ring means you are mine."
"It doesn't count. Before marrying you, I still have the right to choose!"
Huo Jinghan stops car on the side of the road, "Choose? What other choice do you have?"
"Okay, you still want to choose right? I will take you to get married now!" Huo Jinghan quickly turns the car and drives to the marriage registration office.
Luo Xi smirked, the man has forced her to marry him again. Anyway, she has been waiting for him for five years, and now it’s his turn.

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