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ReadHub is an Online Media Platform For Latest Tech News, Games and Tutorials.

ReadHub is an Online Media Platform For Latest Tech News from Sinhala, Tamil and English, Gaming News ,Tutorials from Sinhala and English, Sport news and Media News.
This ReadHub blog application is focus to access ReadHub online media platform with Android Application and there are no ads, no fancy details, just only ReadHub blog Application.


Sinhala Tutorials :-

• Java සිංහලෙන්
• Angular සිංහලෙන්
• Arduino සිංහලෙන්
• PHP සිංහලෙන්
• HTML සිංහලෙන්
• Unity සිංහලෙන්
• GIT සිංහලෙන්
• Android සිංහලෙන්
• Fiverr සිංහලෙන්
• SQL සිංහලෙන්
• React Native සිංහලෙන්
• Laravel සිංහලෙන්
• XML සිංහලෙන්

English Tutorials :-

• Kotlin
• Cloud Computing
• Networking
• Python
• Javascript

Main Features :-
• Separated articles to Sinhala and English.
• Get Notification about Updates, New Features, New News and Latest Articles.
• Share the article to social Media.
• Working on offline mode.
• No internet connection required (works offline mode)
• No Sinhala font installation required.

This app help you to easy for access ReadHub articles with Your android smart phone.

Kindly provide your feedback whenever you use this app and support us to make it just the way you need it.

Download ,Read and Enjoy the App.!!

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