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Free baseball game, wear gloves and caps in a stadium, be a super baseball star

Version1.0 (10000)
UpdatedOct 15, 2019 (9 months ago)
DeveloperTeiSu Simulator Dev.
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Real Baseball Challenge 3D - free sport games is a free sport games in 2019. To be an amazing champion in stadiums, you must swipe your finger on the screen to control the flying ball?using some skills like throwing, fielding , pitching, catching base running, and hitting. It is so different from softball. You need to wear gloves, caps, and bats at first, then the tournament begins. Watch out your stance, which is the premier thing and helps you to hit a grand slam. It is your time at bat and the pitcher throws the ball towards the strike zone.
Hit a home-run and get extra time in the free sports games Timer Mode. Practice and hone your skills to land among the baseball kings – Practice to win the championship and get ready to play in the American major league tournament. Fight for the homerun in this baseball star game 2019, to compete with champions and take the trophy for your team! Forget about the minor league players and show baseball America a home run game like never before. You are from the batting team in this free sport game 2019.
In Challenge Mode, you have to beat opponent team in given situation and make your team win. 1000 cash will be awarded on completing challenge mode. In Endless mode, you as a single batter can bat endlessly. You can score as much as you can. In Missions mode/Career mode, you have to build your career by accomplishing some missions.
Smash the competition in the league by using the experience generated by playing games to level up your player stats. Upgrading the power and accuracy of your batter will let you score homerun after homerun on the baseball diamond. In addition to the ball hitting action you also earn free experience points by simply opening the game each day.
Choose your strategy wisely and outsmart your opponent in the major league! Use your skills to madden your opponents in the ballpark. With easy pick-up-and-play tap and swipe controls, more levels and stunning visuals, you need to pass each inning in limited time.
The features of Real Baseball Challenge 3D - free sport games included:
- Always handy: 6 innings in match mode
- Perfect physics that makes your home run correct direction
- Awesome game play
- 3 best interesting modes
- Highly Addictive Sport Simulator
- Simple swinging controls
- Best graphics and music

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