Drinking Water, Coke, Cocktails, Energy Drinks On The Phone


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Sep 20, 2023
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Real Drink Simulator GAME

Think what you could drinking beverage from the phone such as the water, cola, cocktails, energy and other drinks. Thats fine, right? The phone screen will be filled with the lovely drink thanks to the Real Drink Simulator app
Download and install the app on the phone. Choose and pour the favorite drinks on time you want. Shake the phone and add funny bubbles to the drink. Lean the phone to the mouth. Tilt and drink with fun. Virtual liquid in the phone looks like the realistic one. Friends will be surprised seeing you drinking from the phone. If you drank the ice water will make the pour cola. If you drank an energy drink will make the cocktail with the fruit pieces. Fill the virtual glass again because the drinks will never end in the phone. Drink virtual beverage it self and treat others! Become in the focus of the friends.

Please note. Real Drink Simulator app isnt the flowing liquid from the phone.
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