Real fast charger & Battery life saver. Save battery life by optimized charging.

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Free download Real Fast Charger & Battery Saver 1.0.23 apk app latest version for android


Real fast charger & Battery saver. Save battery life by optimized charging. This app will optimize your software and hardware usage , and will help battery run longer life.

How it works ?

When you connect your charger cable, Real Fast Charger will repond and get activated automatically.
Apps consuming heavy battery power are detected & optimized by Real fast battery charger in the background and consumes battery services such as wifi, 3G, mobile internet, bluetooth. It also helps to manage the power hungry processes which extends battery time and fast charging.
It also helps in reducing chances of swollen battery.
★ Free to download & install with bundle of features .
★ Simple user friendly interface.
Charging Booster closes all services that may increase charger time like (Wifi-Mobile Data-Bluetooth ,And other services under your control by you perrmission .
★ Real Fast charger shows time to get battery 100% Charged .
★ Displays battery capacity within the app .
★ Displays battery health status .
★ Stops unwanted process working on background that consume battery

Install the Real fast charging app and have no worry about charging your phone over and ove ragain !
strong>fast charger battery gives you an excellent solution to optimize your device for fast charger automatically and boost your charging speed. It is the right tool to save your battery.

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Real Fast Charger & Battery Saver 1.0.23

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