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Real Pregnancy Finger Test app is a free app for real with a guide and pregnancy test quiz that is used to check whether you are pregnant or not without using a pregnancy test kit . It has a list of multiple questions that are used by doctors as a tracker of your pregnancy status before a medical test is done. Besides, it has a fingerprint scanner simulator to make the app look fun when using with your boy friend, family or girl friend. You can use it at home to give you a propability of being pregnant by the score achieved, and also it can aid to reduce the cost price for a medical test. Some Girls, Mommys and boys believe, toothpaste can be used as an alternative pregnancy tester of which scientifically is not proven.

Also, it works as a pregnancy detector to understand your menstrual cycle , fertility, ovulation and your periods through the pregnancy calendar guide. You can use this android mobile app after the last day of your monthly period or week as a pregnancy calculator to determine your pregnancy status.

Negative results indicate propably you are not pregnant obtained by a score of less than 50% while
Positive results indicate propably you are pregnant obtained by a score of more than 50%

Real Pregnancy Finger Test is not a prank app, is a pregnancy estimator that only gives you a close estimate of your pregnancy status by answering the pregnancy quiz questions.

You don't need to use an online pregnancy tester, this app best replaces an online pregnancy estimator
It has a fingerprint scanner prank game simulator before viewing the results (Make the app more fun and entertaining).
Use this app as a diary to test for in any case you find yourself in such an aware conditions

Some mothers infected with hiv aids virus need to secure their baby development. In such a case, you need to see a doctor for a medical test.

Real Pregnancy Finger Test is Free to download on the store.

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1.0 (1)Aug 20, 2017

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