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Real Life FPS APK

Jump in the augmented reality of a combat and have fun with your friends!

Version2.4 (6)
UpdatedJan 31, 2017 (4 years ago)
DeveloperHot Hands Studio
CategoryGames, Action

Jump in the augmented reality of a combat and have fun with your friends! If you have no friends, don't worry, you can play it all by yourself, shooting objects in your own house (like bottles of water arranged all over the place).

Select a weapon and you're ready to go. Choose between a deck of cards, THE CHANKLA!! (it is not a typo, "K" is used intentionally there, it looks better with a "K" than a "C") or even Desert Eagle or AK47 (you will see :3 ), then choose a game type:

~ 'Points Hunter' – the first one who reaches the score of 'max points', wins. If he doesn’t reach this score, he will get a result of 999.99.
~ 'Till the last bullet' – the one who hits more points wins.
~ ‘First shot’ – the first one who shoots something, a body part or the head of an opponent, wins. You can play this as a cowboy duel, with the ‘bullets’ set on one, and when the counter ends and the game starts, shoot and see who wins. (haha…so much fun!!).


At the end of the game, rate your shots and rate them fair, nobody likes to play with cheaters. For each shot, you have to decide if it is:
~ Miss – the green aim is on no opponent, which ads 0 points of value.
~ Body – the green aim is on a body part of an opponent, other than the head, which leads to 1 point of value
~ Head – the green aim is on the head of an opponent, which leads to 3 points of value

Please play safe :)

For any questions, please contact us at:

What's New

FREE COINS !!! You can buy all of the guns now. Take it until the offer is gone.


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