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1.0.3 · Jul 19, 2021

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Version1.0.3 (13)
UpdatedJul 19, 2021
DeveloperAjaxsoft Mobile
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Real Psychophony Recorder Detector Ghosts Radar app

Record psychophony sessions with device sensors detect paranormal ghost signal

We present for lovers of the paranormal: EVP psychophony recorder.
The psychophony recorder app offers an excellent opportunity to enhance your psychophony session during a paranormal investigation. The clearer audio through the speaker of your smartphone thanks to the fact that you can make manual adjustments during the recordings this will help increase your chances of hearing the spiritual voices trapped in your psychophony recorder. You can use this paranormal tool during long paranormal investigations, save your different data, recordings and area graphs. This recorder also offers a data upload function to reproduce data with great precision and help stimulate contact with possible nearby spirits and ghosts. For example, you can make recordings while you are present and controlling the different sound filters or you can leave in an area recording inside a place where you think there may be ghosts or some paranormal effect and then contrast the data by uploading it to the EVP psycho recorder.
How to improve audio responses in real time, paranormal recording: unrecognizable voices are usually produced at a lower frequency than the normal human ear can detect and this is where the psychophony recorder plays its role allowing to measure different parameters and adjust recordings filters, making it an ideal tool for recording and hunting psychophonies (electronic voice phenomena). Excellent for interacting with ghosts and spirits when asking questions during a hunt.
-Improved audio for playback of recordings.
- Record and play with the device's microphone.
- Multiple input sensors (electromagnetic, light, sound)
- Adjustable interface with different types of graphic representations (bars, linear, radial)
- Live audio filter adjustments to capture different frequencies and saturation levels.
- Store and play your recordings.
This is a free application and as such is supported by advertising on the AdMob platform.
Since paranormal activity cannot be scientifically proven, we cannot guarantee that the app will communicate with spirits. Treat it like a ghost adventure game !!


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