Male anatomy and physiology explained with 3D models and documentation of models

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Our App Realistic Male Anatomy 3D Models Explained containing Realistic, detailed, medically and anatomically accurate model of Human Male Body, Muscular System and Skeleton system with 3D interactive easy rotation.
User can navigate between different human anatomy systems and can rotate the human male realistic model in 360 degrees.
We have included a labeled model also for detail descriptions in description panel there is a labeled model for all the human anatomy systems. The user can get to the detailed description for an organ in Complex Human Anatomy.
Our App Realistic Male Anatomy 3D Models Explained consists of the Cardiovascular ( with pumping Heart ), Digestive, Respiratory, Urinary, Nervous ( with inner & outer Brain ), Skeletal Systems ( with Spinal Ligaments ) & Salivary Glands.
 - Cardiovascular System
        - Circulatory System
        - Digestive System
        - Endocrine System
        - Lymphatic System
        - Muscular System (including both deep and external)
        - Nervous System
        - Reproductive System
        - Respiratory System
        - Skeletal System
        - Urinary System
Who can use this App.
The students of anatomy class.
The teachers who are teaching anatomy subjects.
And any other person who is interested to discover the artistically beautiful, detailed & accurate depiction of the very complex Human Anatomy systems.
Since this model we used for our app is about the human anatomy figure, it contains nudity and may not be suitable for those under 18.
Before using this app please read the privacy policy we have provided and please contact us for any query regarding the app.

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