Realistic Scary Math Teacher Musical Edition Mod APK

The same baldi but now more realistic baldi than ever...

Version2.2 (2)
UpdatedAug 15, 2020 (2 months ago)
DeveloperLittle Lizard Light
CategoryGames, Educational

You're a student who suddenly come to baldi school after running baldi game disc. All you need to finish the game and return to real life is 7 notebooks and you must find it fast. You're trapped in baldi realistic school and baldi is pritty unnerving because baldi hear every door you open but don't worry it's still baldi but in realistic edition mod with same indie horror game but with a little twist, it's inspired from baldi musical song, so all the characters from realistic baldi and baldi friends are all made into realistic mod not an ilustration like before, that's sound interesting for an math education but as you know this realistic baldi mod is not a proper education for musical learning at all, it just a parody for horror games.

Everytime you found a notebook from 7 notebooks you have to answer a crazy math questions. If you got it wrong, baldi realistic edition mod will get more angry each time you answer wrong and you dared not doubt his claim. You will never like baldi friends at all, watch out from all character in this stupid musical math school, realistic playtime will ask to play jumping rope unlimited times. You can't escape and get pass from realistic principle bully education or learning because he gonna take a piece of your candy and thanks you for a generous donation.

Find the secret easter egg scene when you wake up in your baldi musical mod school at night. You have no memory of how you got there. All the doors are locked. You hear footsteps from realistic baldi and a faint slapping sound. Something's wrong... Find a way to escape the school or try to survive the night. Collect various items and uncover the secret of realistic baldi scary night high school mod.

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The same baldi but now more realistic baldi than ever...
Inspired from musical baldi mod

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