Explore the Virtual World. Expand Territory. Exploit Resources. Etc.


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Jul 26, 2022
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Reboot The World Game

Explore the Virtual World
The world of 2088 is filled with many dangers. Robots and mutant creatures roam the wilds outside of cities and rival cities seek to take over that which is yours. A rich wide world is there for you to explore!
Expand Territory
In order to survive, you can’t fight alone. Form your own Alliance and expand your territory. Assemble your troops or even Rally with other Alliances to compete with your rivals for ultimate technologies.
Exploit Resources
Free building is allowed.
You can build whatever you want anywhere at any time. Exploit resources in the wastelands and within your own buildings. Use your wisdom and cunning to win the game.
Exterminate Rivals
Different levels and ever-increasing difficulty will lead players to test themselves for a long time. Massive hidden plots can be unlocked during the process of exterminating rivals and conquering levels.
Heroes are Fully Armed
With so many heroes with awesome abilities and skills are waiting for you to command. Use these heroes to lead your troops and develop effective strategies to destroy your opponents. Heroes are constantly being added and updated with new and exciting skins too!
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