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Cooking recipes to make with fryers without oil or air fryers.

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UpdatedMay 24, 2018 (2 years ago)
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Since the launch of the new Fryers without Oil or Air Fryer a few years ago, its popularity has increased exponentially, being more and more present in the kitchens of all the houses in the world.

Its operation is very simple, based on hot air cooks food taking advantage of the natural fat that many fresh foods have, even so it is recommended to add half a tablespoon of oil to the food before frying them so that they are more crispy.

Its great advantage from the nutritionist point of view is that it considerably reduces the contribution of calories to the food we cook, since we have almost canceled their contribution of oil.

From the technical point of view, they are very comfortable because they hardly generate odors and are very safe in their use.

For all this and taking into account its acceptance in all international markets, and its price quality ratio is so optimal that we have decided to design an application which compiles a large number of tutorial videos of all kinds of cooking recipes using these oil-free fryers o Air fryers.

For this we have made a simple and simple design application, that occupies little space in your mobile device, terminal or cell phone, that its use is comfortable and that in a quick and easy way the user can access a great variety of Recipes to make with Fryers without Oil or Fryers of air.

Another advantage that we have included in this new version is that the content is updated periodically so that the user always has at his disposal new recipes of fast cooking of all kinds of meat for baking, tasty food etc.

The application has the following characteristics:
The content is updated periodically, you will always have new Recipes of tasty and fast meals.
It is translated into several languages ​​with tasty food videos in Spanish, English and Portuguese.
It marks you the videos already seen, in this way you save time in enjoying its content.
You can share the videos of your content through the social networks of the moment.
The application is free, and very easy to install and fun is assured.
You can give us feedback on the application, to study different improvement proposals.

You know, if you're looking to save time and comfort in the kitchen, download this new application for free, it will be a great help to see all the tricks that are used in this type of recipes and with these new fryers without oil or fryers of air.

Email: miguelcentenolopez1986@hotmail.com

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