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Yes, you can identify a record by looking for a serial number (which is not always at the same place) and searching online using it, but what if you have, let's say, 30 records to check? Typing usually complex serial on small smartphone keyboard can be frustrating. DigDig (also known as Digital Digger) reduces this process to two simple steps:
1. Take the photo
2. Specify record format
That's it!

Let's get into details. Dig Dig...
- searches over the web for record with the same cover you just photographed;
- shows results currently from Discogs;
- allows to jump directly to the source;
- shows songs from scanned record found on YouTube;
- scans barcodes;
- needs internet connection and camera to work.

Use cases:
- In the record store you've found interesting record but you're not sure about the price. Using your phone within few seconds you can check the real value;
- You are interested in buying specific record but you would like to taste some music first. Queue to the record player is quite long. Take the photo, hit play and listen directly from your smartphone;
- Spring cleaning, time to sell some records from your collection to make space for new positions. Quick scan, jump directly to Discogs, add to store. Done.
- Huge delivery just arrived to the record store you own, time to valuate. Record => Smartphone => Photo => Avg. prices online. Next...
- You see interesting offer on the Facebook group: photo of the records for sale and one price for them all. Let's use DigDig to quickly check individual prices.
- You just realized that Discogs have great collection manager, it might be worth to list hundreds of your records there. Well, it might take weeks... Not with this fancy mobile app!

Email: contact@recordscanner.com

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