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Recover deleted photos from mobile or tablet APK

Recover deleted photos from mobile or tablet, recover all deleted photos 📷

Version1.0 (2)
UpdatedOct 28, 2018 (3 years ago)
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Recover deleted photos from mobile using this application. When you open the application we will show you an application initiation tutorial so you can learn how to use it and be able to recover your photos that you have deleted from your mobile.

Once the first tutorial is done, you will understand how to use the application and therefore you will be able to see the Photos section. In this section you will see all the photos you have on your device, that is, we will analyze all the folders that exist on your Android phone and we will show any hidden or saved image in a part you did not know.

We will also analyze the space of your mobile, because although there may not be an image, it is possible that it exists in your mobile space, and this photo can be recovered. All the recoverable photos will be shown in the Photos list.

Once you find the photo that you wanted to recover from your Android phone, you will simply press it, this will recover the photo and it will be saved in a folder called "Recovered images".

Apart from all the functionality of being able to recover photos, we also explain you through a guide, how to recover deleted photos, why you can recover a photo and security measures to avoid losing a photo again. These tutorials are interactive and will be seen with cards so you can understand them quickly.

Not all photos are recoverable, if there is a photo that has been deleted and it has been too long, it is possible that this photo has already been rewritten and therefore can not be recovered, so we recommend that when you delete a photo, use the application quickly to recover it.

A new functionality is the top part in which we show statistics of the files you have on your mobile, the number of photos and the space they occupy in the device.


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