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Hello, if you have some old jeans which are not used anymore, please do not throw them to the trash. You can remake it to be creative crafts or handmade jean crafts. And if you are looking for an inspiration how to recycle your old jean, here is the application you should install on your smartphone. It is providing a lot of creative crafts of recycled jeans crafts.

have a nice try!!

recycled old jeans craft - Have you ever wanted to be a bit more creative with your style? Have you ever had wanted keep an old and well loved piece of clothing but feel that it is a bit dated or it doesn't fit you any more? bell bottom jeans, old jeans Have you ever felt a little guilty about how you desire to follow the latest trends and constantly update your wardrobe impacts on the environment? Have you got no money but desperately want some new clothes?

old denim jeans pattern - If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then why not try refashioning, restyling or customising some of your old clothes. It is a great way to get a new look without spending money on new clothes. It is also great for the environment, because not only does it cut down on the amount of clothing going into landfill but it also reduces the amount of new clothing bought and the environmental impact associated with it's manufacture and transport.

recycled old jeans craft ideas - Second hand and vintage clothes have been seeing a huge surge in popularity lately with clothes swapping or swishing being a great way to refresh your wardrobe. Refashioning clothes is a great way of taking old or second hand clothes and creating something new and fresh. Not only will your refashioned clothes be just as you want, they will also be completely unique and individual to you.

refashion old jeans craft - Even if you can't sew, there are lots of very simple ways that you can refashion clothes. If you can sew, then your imagination is the limit. When refashioning clothes, the best place to start is by deciding what you really like or dislike about a piece of clothing. Sometimes it could be as simple as dying it, if you don't like the colour, shortening it, if you don't like the length, or replacing the buttons, if you don't like the buttons. Other simple projects include, bleaching, you can create interesting patterns using bleach, in the same way as you can with dyes, adding beading, sequins or appliqué, cutting the neckline out of a t shirt and removing the sleeves from a jacket.

unique recycled jeans project - For a more complex project, you could try using a conventional sewing pattern with each of the pieces made from an old piece of clothing or even a patchwork of pieces from several old pieces of clothing. You could take a piece of clothing and change the sleeves or neckline. You could also make a pair of jeans into denim skirt. There are countless other ideas and resources on the internet to give you ideas for refashioning clothes, just have a look.

Once you get started refashioned clothes, you won't want to stop and before you know it, not only will you be creating beautiful outfits for yourself; you will be creating them for friends too. It is such a great way to get an original wardrobe of clothes that are perfect for you

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