Red Ball UP: Bounce Dash Jump! APK

Red Ball UP: Bounce Dash Jump!


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Latest Version

Version1.0 (3)
UpdatedAug 07, 2016
DeveloperPhillip Kung
CategoryGames, Arcade

Red Ball UP: Bounce Dash Jump! Game

Red Ball UP is a fun ONE TOUCH dash & jump game. Just TAP to bounce and go up!

Download right NOW to find out how high you can BOUNCE!

★★★★★ I love hard endless run jump games! Red Ball UP! - Bounce Dash Jump is a one touch game with the perfect blend of skill and difficulty.

WARNING: This game is HARD and highly ADDICTIVE

Red Ball UP: Bounce Dash Jump is a simple one touch jump hopping game that's super addictive. It’s easy to learn but crazy hard at the same time. Just tap to jump and bounce up to avoid all of the flying ninja stars, bullets, spikes, pipes and samurai swords. Red Ball UP! Bounce Dash Jump is the next great blockbuster game to hit the Google play store!

TAP the screen anywhere to make your red balloon flip, bounce, hop, and dash up while avoiding enemy nasties in the form of stars, bullets, pipes, swords and spikes. Help our friendly balloon reach new heights in this action packed new flip dash up game! How high can you get our red ball balloon without getting smacked and seeing dots? Can you get to the daylight?

Red Ball UP is sure to provide you and your friends and family hours of jumping, hopping, and flipping fun. One word of caution: don’t get frustrated and don’t play for too long! This game is really hard and addicting but can definitely be mastered with lots of practice.


> Vertical style dash up avoidance one touch skill based gameplay
> Beautiful graphics and simple cartoon design
> Tap the screen to make the red ball balloon jump
> Endless runner style gameplay
> Hop to avoid the ninjas stars, pipes, bullets, spikes and other enemies
> How high can your red ball balloon get? How many hops can you do?
> BEAT all of your friends’ high scores with practice
> Fun for the kids and the whole family
> If you love Red Ball UP! - Bounce Dash Jump, please leave a review!

[How to Play]

>Tap the screen to make your red ball balloon bounce, jump, and hop dash up.
>Time taps to avoid spikes and other enemies
>Hitting a sword, bullet, spike, pipe or ninjas star = GAME OVER!
>Fly high to get the highest score possible

If you love one touch vertical endless runner style skill games then you’ll love red ball up! Download now and you’ll be flying and bouncing your red ball balloon in no time at all. Don’t forget to leave a review!
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