Red Ridge X APK

A new reverse audio ITC application

Version1.0 (1)
DeveloperBrian Holloway
CategoryApps, Lifestyle

Red Ridge X app is our new reverse audio ITC application made in collaboration with the Red Ridge X paranormal team

It features 10 banks of reversed audio and 2 ambient banks
It also features a camera that is activated via the red switch on the right of the app and this allows you to still see whats in front of the device if you are filming the screen itself and is designed so you don't miss possible activity while looking at the screen. The camera screen has two sizes which are controlled by the plus and minus buttons at the bottom of the screen.

The Large red circular button with the X on the left is the on off for the actual ghost box part of the app.

All banks are fired at random and a random sweep rate is picked along with a random volume every time a bank fires

The app uses a complete random algorithm and nothing is pre-programmed and there are no forwards words in any of the banks

Simple to use just turn the app on and start asking questions and wait for any forward replies from the random sound that's created while the banks are firing.

This is a darker app designed to attract possible darker energies so we advise you use sensibly and only use if you are comfortable and confident with the darker side of the paranormal. We do not take responsibility for any miss use of the app and we recommend that you use in in a controlled investigation setting.

Results may vary depending on location ect but with patience you should see results.

Our apps are designed to be used as a serious tool within the paranormal field and great care and attention has gone into making these applications to give the end user the best experience possible.

Email: bigb_1969@hotmail.com

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