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UpdatedJul 10, 2018 (2 years ago)
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Refuel Calc enables to conduct statistics related to fuel economy.


• Calculation of the average fuel consumption/economy during the given period of time
• Operating costs
• Advanced statistics
• Multi car support
• Partial results of the fuel consumption/economy after reaching fuel reserve
• Costs related to the purchase of fuel
• Additional expenses
• Fuel economy statistics
• Clearly legible charts
• History of refueling includes petrol station position
• Program estimates the approximate cost of travel to selected petrol station
• Indication of the which petrol station refueling will be the most beneficial
• Multi units support (MPG, GPHM, GP10K, L/100km)
• Units calculator (built in each edit window)
• Refueled volume of petrol, total distance etc.
• Storing gas station position (GPS)
• Searching for gas stations of specific parameters
• Export/Import to SD card, Google Drive (PRO)

If you find a bug or want to add additional features, please contact the author: refuelcalc@gmail.com.

Thank you very much to Emilio Bustelo for the spanish translation!
Thank you very much to Rens Duijsens for the nederlands translation!
Thank you very much to Michal Spinka for the czech translation!

(Traslation requests for other android apps, email to: emilio.bustelo@gmail.com)

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Timeline has been added

Email: refuelcalc@gmail.com

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