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Relaxation and breathing techniques to meditate and relax body and mind

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Do you feel bad as a result of daily stress and your state of anxiety ?
Relaxation Techniques is an app with a number of video music tutorials with exercises and relaxation techniques, meditation, breathing and self-massage to combat fatigue, anxiety and stress.

These exercises with relaxation techniques and music help to maintain the breathing, balance, muscle relaxation and well-being of each one.
Relaxation is a key point our body needs to maintain our state of balance that we need.

Relaxation training techniques with relaxing music help:
- control the breathing
- relaxation of the body and mind
- visualization in combination with the techniques of relaxation and meditation
- Combat daily stress and reduce anxiety
- leave the mind blank to disconnect
- maintain muscle relaxation and balance
About 10 minutes of these techniques of daily relaxation of deep breathing, can help you to generate a more relaxed and balanced state all day.

To combat stress, help sleep and combat anxiety we need to activate the natural relaxation response of the body by practicing relaxation techniques to relieve stress, such as deep breathing, meditation, rhythmic exercise and yoga.

We need to know that stress and anxiety is very dangerous when it disrupts the healthy state of balance. Stress, anxiety, tiredness, not sleeping well, the fata of balance, panic, lack of calm, saturation of thoughts in the brain, diffuse mind, lack of tranquility and harmony, ... are factors of risk that are improved with these techniques of relaxation exercises that contains this app ..

So download this application with the best music, techniques and relaxation and breathing exercises to maintain a healthy state of balance.
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