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REV Robotic Enhance Vehicles


The expansive R.E.V.™ Drone vs. Car Combat: YOU pick a side.


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Apr 2, 2022
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REV Robotic Enhance Vehicles App


The expansive R.E.V.™ battle platform has taken to the skies. Drone vs. Car Combat: YOU pick a side.

Each vehicle comes equipped with advanced robotics and BeaconSense™ GPS tracking, allowing for true ground-to-air combat.

Take command of either vehicle with your mobile device and enter the R.E.V™ Realm, where you’ll be hunted by a legion of ruthless computer-controlled A.I. Drivers. Do you have what it takes to survive?

New Features
• Quick and easy set up: Simply scan either vehicle with your mobile device to connect
• Battle Anywhere: R.E.V.™ can be played on any surface, no track or floor mat required!
• All new campaign mode: new worlds, new enemies, new challenges
• Revamped Artificial Intelligence makes battles even more challenging
• Powerful Weapons - Strategically pick your weapons before a battle to ensure complete victory
• Insane Speed - R.E.V.™ is fast! Get real time battle and damage updates as you drive!
• Immersive Battles - Each car has intense sound effects to create an immersive battle environment.

App requires R.E.V.™ or R.E.V. AIR™ devices to function
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Disclaimer: R.E.V™ and R.E.V AIR™ are independent from each other and do not offer complete compatibility. Please check in app game modes for more info

R.E.V™ App is a virtual gaming platform that supports both R.E.V.™ and R.E.V AIR™ by WowWee®. Immerse yourself in the world of R.E.V.™. Battle your friends or AI opponents.
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