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Latest Version

Version4.0 (50)
UpdatedNov 30, 2020
DeveloperMultiverse Entertainment
CategoryGames, Music

Reveries:Dream Flight game

A beautiful game about exploration and discovery

Dream Flight is a mesmerizing and tranquilizing music game inspired by Miyazaki animations and Dance Dance Revolution. The player plays the part of a little girl flying atop a paper airplane, traveling through fantastic and dreamlike landscapes, looking for her missing best friend.

There are two ways to play (rhythm mode, and pilot mode). We have built 10 levels so far, each with its unique environment, animations and music.

The pilot mode, where players get to steer and maneuver the airplane, unlocks after the game is completed in rhythm mode. Each time the player beats a level, a new segment of story unlocks. Sometimes this is a cutscene, and sometimes this is a short poem.

Every level is crafted with love, and the music is created by very talented indie musicians. There is a small degree of procedural generation to make the play experience fresh each time.

The story: a little girl living on a far away island gets an unexpected visitor one day. To her surprise, it's a baby monster from a magical kingdom from far, far away. The little guy (Blu) grows amazingly fast, and soon becomes larger in size than the island she lives on. But that doesn't deter their friendship at all.

One day, the island is besieged by a catastrophic meteor shower. Without hesitation, Blu puts himself between the island and the meteor shower, trying to protect his best friend. Under enormous impact, his body is blown away into oblivion...

Only the little girl is left. Having lost her only friend, she is sad beyond comforting.

But a prophetic dream convinces her that maybe all is not lost. "He's still alive, I know it! Can you help me find him?"
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