The perfect combination of classic elimination and tower defense confrontation


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Apr 3, 2024
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Reverse Master GAME

"Reverse Master" is a casual elimination game that combines classic elimination gameplay with innovative tower defense confrontation.
In the world of elimination, the kings of both offense and defense summon heroes who dare to take risks, carry the heroes down the river, control their whereabouts and cleverly arrange the elimination, and use the world rules of elimination in rows to drop the heroes into the battlefield to fight. At the same time, use the blessings of the sitting heroes. Capture the opponent and ascend to the strongest throne, win more victory trophies and become the strongest king in the world!

【Game Features】
The perfect combination of classic elimination and tower defense confrontation, innovative gameplay brings a different kind of fun!
Attack with crowd tactics, summon more heroes, and feel the critical hits!
Strategic combat, many heroes freely arrange their formations, and ascend to the strongest throne!

[Innovative gameplay, unlimited fun]
The innovative fusion of classic elimination and tower defense confrontation provides both the thrilling feeling of elimination and the strategic challenge of classic battles! You can give full play to your game and use your superb elimination skills to defeat the enemy; you can also think carefully and achieve victory by arranging your troops and skillfully using your skills, giving the game a completely different kind of fun.

[Strategic gameplay, ascend to the throne]
The innovative elimination gameplay enriches your strategy for breaking through levels! Form a team freely, unlock hero illustrations, choose heroes with many skills, and test your strategy! Successfully capture the enemy's hero, ascend to the victory throne, and become the strongest king!

[Develop fun and easily pass levels]
Receive a large amount of resources every day, quickly unlock and cultivate a lot of card heroes, start an adventure with them, collect various treasures, improve your super combat power, and gain a growth experience!

[So many ways to play, super experience]
Eliminate levels, conquer the throne, ladder battles, a variety of interesting gameplay combinations! While eliminating in a relaxed and leisure way, you can experience the fun of eliminating world competitive adventures!
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