Rise of Kingdoms - The Companion (free) APK

Rise of Kingdoms - The Companion (free)

Version2.0.1 (32)
UpdatedMay 29, 2020 (22 hours ago)
DeveloperHafizi Rahim
CategoryGames, Simulation

Rise of Kingdoms - The Companion, was made as a tribute to the Rise of Kingdom title.

Missing your commander while away?
- View details for all available commanders with responsive and beautifully designed UI
- Build guide for your commanders

Ever wonder how rich you are?
- I do. Calculate them for me! With easy to use resources calculator

Time is money?
- See how much you have with our included speedups calculator and plan yourself a win

Training troop?
- Use your at home calculator,
- or just use ours. Whatevs..

Any feedback is much appreciated. Do contact me if anything on your mind.
Donate version available (ads-free)

**App was built using flutter as I was too excited to learn how to flutter**

Email: hafizirahim92@gmail.com

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