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Lead technical innovation and conquer the land of other civilizations!


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Nov 29, 2021
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Rise of Settlers Game

In the world of Rise of Settlers, you’ll play as a king to rule a continent and build a kingdom on your own. Plan the city, develop technology and witness the rise of civilizations. A group of heroes emerges and gathers, waiting for your dispatch. Deploy troops, set formations, map out strategies and fight together with your allies. This is an epic clash between cultures and wars. You’ll team with legendary generals in history to embark on an expedition, going through changes and reforms, and make the history of your own!

[Game Features]

*** Plan city facilities and gain city buffs with sophisticated layout ***
Rich building combination choices with all different buffs! Speed up your city development and make your troops stronger!

-Typical heroes and armies from different civilizations
A gathering of different civilizations and legendary heroes from different times. A representation of typical armies from each civilization. You’ll have the chance to lead famous troops in history!

*** Unique and original tactic system. Select mercenaries and customize your armed forces ***
Set up unique tactics to add buffs to troops and unlock traps for summoned armies to use special tactics. Cooperate with brave mercenaries to defeat enemies!

*** March freely and battle based on weather ***
A massive world spanning 1.44 million square kilometers, allowing 100 thousand global players to march freely and join battles. Its unique weather system helps you diversify marching strategy and experience real, creative strategic battles!

*** Cross-server instances, adventure with millions of players ***
The brand-new cross-server mechanic supports millions of players from different servers to adventure simultaneously. Enjoy the fun of exploring in MMO instances with global players and win rich rewards!

Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/War-of-Settlers-102411144951258

Note: This game requires an internet connection to play.
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