Protect the balloon! Only 1% of players can reach lvl 100 with all the balloons!


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Apr 18, 2024
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Rise Up: Balloon Game GAME

Welcome to Rise Up, the exciting free mobile game that challenges you to protect the balloon as it rises higher and higher into the sky. Get ready to put your skills to the ultimate test with this amazing balloon game that'll keep you on your toes and your eyes glued to the screen.

Picture this. You have a tiny balloon you need to protect. You need to push away all the pointy and heavy things that get in the way of your balloon going up. But it's not that easy. The sky is full of all kinds of strange things like blocks, beams, and triangles. If your balloon even touches one of these, it's all over. Exciting, right?

But it gets even better! The higher your balloon goes, the harder the game gets. The obstacles become trickier and more difficult to avoid. You can push everything out of the way, but watch out! If you send blocks flying everywhere, you will find it difficult to protect the balloon.

Why you’ll spend hours playing Rise Up:

- Tons of challenging game levels
- Classic balloon game style
- Ultimate test of your reflexes & quick thinking
- Perfect for on-the-go gaming
- Exciting gaming sessions
- Captivating 2D graphics and animation
- Fun game if you like balloons

Do you think you can get to level 100? Only the unique players can! Ready to give it a try? Let's play Rise Up and see how high you can go!
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