App to help players of Risk of Rain 2 with survivors, items and more!


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Sep 30, 2020

Risk of Rain 2 - Helper APP

This app is made to help with Risk of Rain 2! It shows survivors and their stats/abilities, items and the challenges of the game.

See all the survivors the game has, their stats and stats increases, their abilities, how to unlock their optional abilities and read some of the survivors lore the game has!

See all items the game has to offer and find out how the stats on the items are calculated, let the app calculate the stats you get from having any amount of the item and read some of the item lore the game has!

See all the challenges the game has to unlock new survivors, abilities, skins, items and artifacts and find out what kind of challenge the game requires you to do to unlock them!

Maybe more to come later...
There is also a paid no ads version available!

---This app is not affiliated with Hopoo Games or Risk of Rain 2 in any way, it's only created by a player of the game as a way to help myself and hopefully others when playing the game.

Any suggestions/typos don't be scared to let me know:
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