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Dance Social Media App

Version1.0 (0)
UpdatedJul 07, 2018 (3 years ago)
DeveloperSimple Life Creations
CategoryApps, Entertainment

Rithmo was created to add a musical element to social media for those individuals who like to sing, dance, or even create beats. It allows regular people to show their talent to the world and make friends while doing it. I believe that there are people out there that can sing, dance, and make better beats than the celebrities you see on TV. And let's face it, deep down, you know that they are no different than you or I. They just had an opportunity to broadcast their talent to the world, and someone made a business of it.

With Rithmo, here's your chance to be free! Teach the dance move you created. Sing your heart out (even if no one likes how you sound) because if it's your passion, with practice, you are a star. The world just doesn't know it yet. Teachers can even coach dancers and singers. And for the beat maker, here's your chance to show off your skills.

So to all you dance enthusiasts, dance teams, singers, and beat makers, share and have fun.

Email: rithmoapp@gmail.com

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