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Controlling your Robibot with your smartphone

Version1.0 (1)
UpdatedJul 20, 2016 (5 years ago)
DeveloperJamara e.K.
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1) Download the app “ROBIBOT” from Google Play
2) Switch “ON” ROBIBOT at the back
3)Switch ON the Bluetooth® on the smart electronic device (phone / tablet). For the first time, find ROBIBOT and
press to connect. The Bluetooth should automatically switch “ON” for the next time when. If not, please double
check whether is the smart electronic device has the Bluetooth ON then repeat the connection procedure again.
4) Connectivity permission box should automatically pop up. Press “connect” on the app screen. If not, please
double check both your smartphone by ensuring the Bluetooth and ROBIBOT both are switched “ON”
5) Once they are connected, you are all set and ready to play.

CONTROL: (Switch “ON” ROBIBOT and place ROBIBOT on a flat surface.)
1) Directional Icon pressed – Simply press the directional icon that you want ROBIBOT to go.
2) G-Sensor Control – Hold the phone / tablet side way. The screen with the ROBIBOT logo is the front.
a. Slant forward to control ROBIBOT going forward.
b. Slant backward to control ROBIBOT going backward.
c. Slant to the right to control ROBIBOT making a right turn.
d. Slant to the left to control ROBIBOT making a left turn.

1) Disk Scratching – touch the black disc on the screen and scratch it by moving up and down.
2) Voice Recording – Each face icon can record 30 second messages; total 5 icon faces and 150 seconds. Simply
press Microphone icon and speak. Press the Play icon and ROBIBOT say the message. Press the trash can icon
to cancel the recorded message. If no message is recorded, it plays its own pre-recorded robotic sound.
3) Music Playing – Download your favorite music from the internet and save into your smart device. Link up the app
with the smart device storage and use ROBIBOT to play your favorite music.

Email: webmaster@jamara.com

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