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Teen Titans Go! is a Game based off of a DC Comics superhero team, the Titans.

Superhero roommates Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy love saving the day, but what happens when they're done fighting crime?

"Robin is the slightly power-mad, perfectionist leader of the group whose main complaint is that the other Titans just won't do what he says."[2]
For Robin, anything less than perfection is absolutely unacceptable, and so his far-from-flawless team is constantly putting him on edge. Despite his authoritarian leadership, the Titans often disregard Robin's orders, exasperating him to the max. His worst fear is losing control, and that's exactly what happened when Beast Boy briefly hijacked the team in "Gorilla". Every iota of power is lustfully coveted by Robin.

Not only does Robin live on the border of insanity—he often crosses over, traveling deep into crazy land whenever he doesn't get his way. In "Yearbook Madness" for example, Robin plummeted into instability and multiple personality disorder just because his picture was barely featured in the yearbook.
Born as a powerless human (and never having suffered through a gruesome yet power-giving accident like Cyborg or Beast Boy have), Robin has to rely on his acrobatic prowess and crime-fighting equipment to even stand a chance against Jump City's villains. Nevertheless, he's usually utterly destroyed in combat.

Although Robin originally kept his dorky Silver Age costume, his four teammates took the liberty to make him look cooler in "Flashback". Robin's new suit consists of a Kevlar-lined red shirt that sports his "R" logo. Instead his traditional speedo, he now wears green skin-tight pants, along with metal-tipped boots. Around his waist, Robin has a utility belt full of gadgets, stocked with everything from grapple guns to smoke bombs. His green gloves cover his slightly embarrassing baby hands, and he wears a black and yellow cape. Rarely if ever are Robin's eyes seen; he keeps them hidden behind his mysterious mask. To finish off his look, Robin spikes his black hair, slathering lavish amount of hair gel into it every morning. Despite Robin's rad appearance, the other Titans constantly make fun of him for his short stature.