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NameRobit Rbit APK
Version1.01 (2)
UpdatedDec 22, 2020
DeveloperRobit Plc
CategoryApps, Business

Robit Rbit App

Robit Rbit app to visualize new Rbits and features in Augmented Reality.

Robit Rbit app to visualize new Rbit drill bit and features in Augmented Reality. App has two modes, virtual and physical.

Virtual Mode is ARCore-based and allows user to scan flat surfaces and place virtual drill bit over the scanned surface.

Physical Mode requires a specific marker. Place marker on table and physical drill bits on the marker. With Rbit app you can display cuttinigs and flushing over physical drill bit.

Rotate: Rotate the 3D-models of the drill bits.

Cuttings: Show rock particles over the drill bits.

Flushing: Show water flow over the drill bits.

Features menu: Customer can choose the feature and app will highlight it over the Virtual Drill bit.

Media Bank: Directs you easily to Robit's web page which provides images, videos, cataloques and other information of the Robit products.
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