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NameRobota War! APK
Version0.9.96 (42)
UpdatedAug 05, 2021
CategoryGames, Arcade

Robota War! game

Retro toys's shooting action!

Robota War! is a hyper casual online shooting game that can be enjoyed easily with one hand.
Fight using various toy robots to defeat all the evil robots that ran way from the toy store and send them back where they came from!

🤖 Cute Playable Robots
There are many playable robots each with its own ability. Get robots with revolvers, shotguns, lasers and more for free!

🤖 Dangerous Boss Robots!
Among the rebellious toy robots are some very intimidating and terrifying boss robots. Defeat the boss and collect toy robots!

🤖 Bonus Stage
A must in order to upgrade robots! Try the bonus stage to collect large amounts of gold!

🤖 Drone
Cute drones with different abilities protect your robot! Collect all the various drones!

🤖 Hat
Customize your robot to match your style with cute hats!

🤖 Toy Store
Defeat the rebellious robots and bring them back to the toy store! Robots returned to the store can help you!
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