Finance App based on Indian economic strategy, easy to use product

A Finance Management app for smart phones to make things convenient and easy to the business.This user friendly app provides some useful features like tracking due details,status of interests, filter Interests based on completed and remaining interest.You can also add your customers to expand the business. Keep your financial section in your pocket.

Existing system:

Entrepreneurs who invest their career in financial activities follow the process of distributing the amounts to those who are needy and get back the capital amount with a certain percentage of interest based on the return time which is actually their profit part.
At the initial stage of this activity, due to limited customers in hand, they follow manual process with a record entry in notebook. And once the business gets expanded, number of customer counts gets increased and therefore, this manual process becomes tedious. To overcome this, after several real time analysis, we have come with our ROCKET FINANCE android app.

 View Due details
 View Completed and uncompleted interests
 Filter Interest details based on priorities
 Add Customers

Future Update :
 View all customers list
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What's New

few bug fixes
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Latest Version

Version1.2.0 (4)
Updated2019-03-12 (9 months ago)
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