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The dream of travelling to space will come true.

Version2.0.0 (200)
UpdatedJul 14, 2013 (8 years ago)
CategoryGames, Arcade

If you have windows PC, I will give you the same game.
The quality is higher than that of android game.

Let's watch a rocket to go penetrate high in the sky.
Simply press the [GO] button, you can enjoy even small child.
Camera angle faces the direction of the rocket automatically.

Firing of right under [GO] button. Action in [Release ...] button or the like then.
Viewpoint movement is a button on the lower left.
I will return to the initial state of the upper left in the [Reset] button.
If you check the "Rocket Camera" in the navigation buttons on the bottom left, you will rocket relative position perspective camera.

· Relocate 3D view
· Rocket launch
· Disconnections from the launch pad
· Disconnect auxiliary booster
· Disconnect main booster
· Disconnect 2-stage rocket
· The Earth escape
· Lunar Beagle-exploration
· Atmosphere entry
· Parachute drop and ocean splashdown
· Moon walking

It seems invisible starry sky really is in outer space, but I made it because it was fun is better met.

What's New

2013/7/14 ver2.0.0
Moon walking scene added

2013/7/10 ver1.9.0
Atmospheric entry Add Scene
Parachuting Add Scene

2013/7/7 ver1.8.1
Earth course feedback added

2013/6/30 ver1.7.3
Exploration Beagle drop added

2013/6/26 ver1.6.1
Lunar Add Scene

2013/6/15 ver1.5.1
Detached two-stage rocket

2013/6/9 ver1.4.0
Rocket relative position perspective camera

2013/6/8 ver1.3.0
Disconnect main booster

2013/6/1 ver1.1
Disconnect auxiliary booster

2013/5/29 ver1.0 release


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